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Jungheinrich delivers the entire solution from a single source

Minus 35 degrees: Jungheinrich builds fully automated warehouse for blood plasma

  • Comprehensive intralogistics concept for Grifols in Dublin
  • Jungheinrich delivers the entire solution from a single source
  • Controlled by the Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Jungheinrich has implemented a comprehensive intralogistics concept in Dublin, Ireland, for the global healthcare company Grifols. From planning to construction to service, Grifols receives the entire Jungheinrich solution from a single source. One of the special features is a cold store warehouse with a capacity for 1,152 pallets and a temperature range of up to minus 35 degrees Celsius, suitable for the safe stacking and retrieval of blood plasma. The stacker crane, which is specially configured for use in extreme temperature conditions, reaches a height of 14.3 metres. Jungheinrich also designed special quadruple-depth storage channels for Grifols. The load is handled crossways by a double shuttle. The second single-aisle, high-bay silo warehouses is set to a temperature of plus 5 degrees Celsius and can accommodate 2,972 pallets. The stacker crane operating here reaches a ceiling height of up to 26 metres. The entire warehouse complex in Dublin is designed for the transport and safe storage of medical devices on both Euro and US pallets (1219 x 1016 mm) and is controlled by the Jungheinrich Warehouse Control System (WCS). The new automated system is arranged to reliably meet the high demands for storage technology and safety that are inherent in the storage of delicate blood plasma and medical devices. In order to meet these demands, Jungheinrich's comprehensive intralogistics solution covers all of the administrative processes in Grifols medical supply chain as well as the compulsory final quality controls.

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